AC Condenser

An air conditioner (also referred to as AC and the part that comes with that is an ac condenser) are supplied for either domestic or commercial use in home or office environments including larger factory units they are designed to dehumidify and extract heat from an area. The cooling is done using a simple refrigeration cycle.

1. AC condenser’s main aim is to provide “air conditioning.” There are some thinkers who claim that each and every “thing” has some purpose of why and how it is made. This auto condenser is simply one part of the entire function of the car air conditioner and you know that it is also a great part of today’s human’s technology. So, do you have any answer as to “why” anything is designed? And what is its use and function?

2. An AC condenser works with the other AC parts like a car condenser is used with receiver, evaporator, expansion valve and compressor. Air and Refrigerant is manipulated by the AC system. In this the compressor takes refrigerant gas and pressurizes and compresses it thereby making it hot. After this the hot gas moves in the condensing coils where the air is blown by the fan to outer side. The heat is then dispersed where the refrigerant gas settles and cools down to liquid. Refrigerant’s flow is controlled by the expansion valve which is turned to cold gas after that. The cool air is then forced to move to the receiver, where it is filters the contaminants before moving to the interior of the car. Then the hot refrigerant returns to the compressor again.
Ac Condenser
3. An AC condenser also functions as a heat dissipater. AC condenser only works with others. It cannot function for itself. As it is connected to different other AC parts so it cannot function alone.

4. This AC condenser is placed directly behind the grille. People can easily see it as it is located near the radiator. As you know that there should be some place for everyone so as to function and work properly so same is true with the other things also.

5. An AC condenser looks like a radiator. This AC condenser is just like a radiator which has tubing or coils and cooling fins inside it. The only difference between a radiator and an AC condenser is that the radiator works for the cooling system of the engine, whereas an AC condenser functions for the interior air conditioning.

It is because of this AC condenser which creates a cooling air in the nearby areas. Thus they make the surroundings cool and pleasant. If these condensers do not function properly, one has to call the technician to repair it.
Above all, whether you play the role of an AC condenser or not, the reply is still: which is that it really makes no difference if you become some “body” else. Everything has some specific function for which it is made and it has to perform that function to fulfill the desired needs.

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Air Conditioning Condenser

An Air Conditioning condenser works by exchanging the inside heat and building the outside air to a cool and pleasant air. All this is based on a simple refrigeration principle. Condenser coil plays a vital role in the entire refrigeration process. It is made of aluminum and surrounds the compressor of the AC unit.

What generally takes place inside the outside unit is the change of state of the refrigerant which happens inside the AC unit. The refrigerant which changes its state to a gas in the indoor coil flows outside where the high pressure compresses the gas inside the compressors. After this the hot gas moves from the compressor and travels through the tubing which is present in the condenser coil.
The problems begin when there is blockage in the condenser coil due to dirt due to which there is no proper cooling of the hot gas in the air conditioning condenser. Sometimes, in such cases the compressors gets heated so much that it causes the damage of the compressor. Hence, the condenser coil should be clean and debris free whenever your AC is working. Given below are some of the tips to clean the air conditioning condenser coil.

The cleaning of the air conditioning condenser coil requires a garden sprayer to apply the cleaning solution, wrenches for removing the fan and a garden hose. The first step is to turn off the power supply. Then take out the fan. Put the fan down gently without removing the motor wires. Properly wet the coil using garden hose. See if the cooling fins are straight or not. They should not be bent as it will block the air. Then use the cleaning solution inside and outside the coil. After this use the garden hose to clean the dirt on the coil. Clean the coil properly with water but gently and then place the fan and the entire unit back.

If you keep the coil of an air conditioning condenser neat and clean, it will definitely function properly and that too for long time. This is one of the best ways to save your electricity and you can run the central air conditioner effectively. This will also increase the life of the compressor as the compressor will also run cooler. So remember, to clean your AC’s condenser coil once in a year. However, if you stay in some dirt and polluted areas then you have to clean the air conditioning condenser regularly. Also, never try to place anything inside the coil as it blocks the air flow and affects the coil functioning. For instance, never plant large flowers near to the coil as they will do the same thing.

Thus, from the above guidelines you can take care of your air conditioning condenser, coil and fans so as to enhance its life. This will also save a lot of your money and time and will require less maintenance. So, always clean your AC once in a year.

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